(30 June 2007: The ruleset links below have long since gone stale, but Agora still lives on at www.agoranomic.org. Oh, and since my views on divination have changed since then as well, it was only appropriate synchronicity that I did not remember what day this was until after I decided to finally follow Zefram's suggestion to make a note about the new site.)

(22 October 2011: The Astrolog website has also long since moved, and is now here.)

Agora Nomic's Horoscope

It is written in the Agora Ruleset, in the Category of Definitions, in Rule 1727, the Happy Birthday Rule, paragraph 3 to 5:

And WHEREAS, a nomic thus rose like a phoenix from the ashes of Nomic World, played on the mailing list originally set up for discussion of Nomic World, and coming into existence at June 30, 1993, 00:04:30 GMT -1200, with a message sent by First Speaker Michael Norrish, which read, in part,

"I see no reason to let this get bogged down; there are no precedents or rules that cover this situation, so I think we may as well begin directly.... Proposals for new rules are invited. In accordance with the rules, these will be published, numbered and distributed by me at my earliest convenience."

And WHEREAS, this nomic began as a humble and nameless nomic, known unofficially as yoyo, after the mailing list it was played on, until its Players, much later, gave it its official name of Agora,

Therefore, it is my pleasure, in honor of the fourth anniversary of our great nomic, to present the horoscope of Agora, as born at the location of the nomic mailing list at Monash University, Melbourne, at the time of the First Speaker's message.

+-------<11> 9Cap11----<10> 5Sag28-----<9> 2Sco29-----------+
| Nep 20Cap06r | Nod 10Sag55r |              |              |
| Ura 20Cap43r |              |              |              |
|              |              | Plu 23Sco02r |              |
|              |              | Moo 11Sco19  | Jup  5Lib56  |
<12>10Aqu35----|-----------------------------|----- 3Lib09<8>
| Sat  0Pis01r |     Astrolog 5.30 chart     |              |
|              |            Agora            |              |
|              |   Tue Jun 29 1993 10:04pm   |              |
|              |          Melbourne          |              |
<1> 8Pis29-----|  ST +10:00, 144:58E 37:49S  |----- 8Vir29<7>
|              |   UT: 12:04, Sid.T: 16:14   |              |
|              |       Placidus Houses       |              |
|              |    Tropical / Geocentric    |              |
|              |  Julian Day = 2449168.0028  | Mar  3Vir35  |
<2> 3Ari09-----|-----------------------------|-----10Leo35<6>
|              | Ven 23Tau03  |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              |              | Sun  7Can45  | Mer 28Can05  |
+----------- 2Tau29<3>----- 5Gem28<4>----- 9Can11<5>--------+

Verily, the horoscope is a beautiful sight, and verily, it contains hidden within it many mysteries about Agora's past and future. Still, the interpretation of a horoscope is an art, and not for everyone to have mastered.

It is therefore fortunate that the creator of the excellent program Astrolog has seen fit to include a feature that produces interpretations for those of us who are not skilled in this art.

However, these interpretations still do not approach the clarity and unambiguity (cough) of a professional astrologer. Still, those who wish to ponder over their meaning, guide your Pteranodon here for the interpretations.